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Yonka Nutri-Defense Creme 3.52 Oz / 100 mL

$ 79.95

If your skin needs intensive help Yonka Nutri Defense is the answer! This comforting cream is formulated for even the driest skin to rehydrate it fast. Thanks to its nutritious formula brimming with essential fatty acids like omega-3 omega-6 and omega-9 skin is rehydrated and restored for a replenished and youthful appearance. With hydrating agents and antioxidants skin can fight off the signs of premature aging. Tightness and irritation are relieved instantly and improve over time to give you balanced softened and resilient skin. BENEFITS: Deeply intensive hydration for parched skin. Restores dry skin instantly. Improves tightness and irritation over time. Replenishes skin for healthy youthful appearance. Leaves skin balanced and soft