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Milk Shake Integrity Booster 5.1 oz

$ 18.62

Milkshake Integrity Booster What it is: Milk_shake integrity system transforms your hair immediately, making it soft, shiny and healthy. This is achieved through the combined action of Muru Muru butter and the Amino acids complex, a mixture of plant amino acids developed to give damaged hair the right quantity of restructuring elements. The Amino acids complex works on the hair, restoring and protecting the hair structure, visibly improving the condition of the damaged hair. What it does: Milkshake Integrity Booster is a pre-shampoo protein treatment or, if you like a concentrated nourishing supplement that helps to preserve hair colour. It's formulated with amino acid proteins is ideal to restructure and restore damaged or chemically treated hair. Integrity Booster contains organic Muru Muru butter for a conditioning and nourishing action.

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