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Mevys Keratin Treatment CHOCOLATE 33.8 oz / 1000 ml

$ 215.60

Mevys Keratin treatment has a combination of seven different proteins consisting of collagen, silk amino acids, keratin protein, natural wheat, rice, and soy proteins. The keratin treatment restores the hair from the inside out, restoring even the most damaged hair.


  • Silk: Rebuilds the hair fiber and leaves the hair healthy and shiny. It creates a layer on the strand preventing moisture from entering the hair, fighting frizz.
  • Wheat protein: A potent antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals. Keratin treatment creates a protective shield around the hair cuticle making it softer.
  • Rice protein: Helps the hair to recover and fills in the cracks that hair may have.
  • Soy protein: Ideal for nourishing hair. Keratin treatment contains biotin that produces keratin to make hair more manageable with it's dose of vitamin E, which cleans the scalp and improves the circulation. 
  • Collagen: It returns essential properties to the hair and provides elasticity and body.