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Keratherapy Clean Start Pre-Treatment Shampoo 16.9 oz

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Clean Start Pre-Treatment Shampoo Is part of a revolutionary hair smoothing and renewal system that leaves hair silky, shiny, frizz free and more manageable for 12 weeks.

Clean Start Pre Treatment Shampoo prepares the hair by removing styling residue, impurities and opens the cuticle allowing for maximum penetration of the Renewal Formula.

- Removes styling product residue

- Removes impurity build up

- Opens the cuticle

- Preps hair for Natural Renewal Maxx Formula

- Conditions as it cleanses

Ingredients: Coconut Oil Extracts These natural fruit moisturizers soften and condition the hair during cleansing. Pure Keratin This natural hair protein penetrates the cortex to strengthen hair. It smoothes the cuticle to leave each strand soft and sleek.

Direction for use:

- Apply to wet hair

- Massage thoroughly to create lather

- Rinse and repeat

- Cuticle is cleansed a prepped for Renewal Formula

- Follow with Natural Brazilian Renewal Formula.