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Gernetic Synchro 2000 Cream Super Regulating Care 1.7 Oz

$ 66.59

Synchro 2000 restores luminosity, given the skin a glowing looking, rejuvenates, hydrates and moisture given back a look of youthful vitality ' Light cream , superfatted recommended for skin that is easily absorbed and leaves no greasy feeling. Its technical characteristics are the same as those SYNCHRO cream.

SYNCHRO 2000, it was made to satisfy a greater number of users who prefer fashionable directions in cosmetics, easier and faster-acting protective creams ' 2000 SYNCHRO cream regenerates and rejuvenates skin cells, affects rebalance the skin, acts against the formation of free radicals and prevents premature skin aging. ' When treating skin aknetické use during the evening skin care product in the morning and SYNCHRO care medicine SYNCHRO 2000. The skin on the surface will shine and be fully treated ' SYNCHRO 2000 is applied AFTER the specific products for each case and BEFORE the day creams with sun filters. Avoid using SYNCHRO 2000 on dry skin Properties The technical qualities are the same as SYNCHRO, but the texture and scent have been changed

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