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Gernetic Les Parfaits Set

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La Crème Anti-Temps Time Defying Cream Properties Time Defying Cream is a genuine regenerator of facial tissue. La Crème Jeunesse Youth Cream Properties Procuring a genuine biological lifting effect, Youth Cream helps facial skin preserve or regain a youthful, healthy appearance. Attenuates deep wrinkles and lines by reducing the thickness of the stratum corneum. Powerful anti-aging action. A source of moisture and cellular repair. Neuro-sensory action modulating the unpleasant perceptions of warmth, roughness and irritation. Activates cellular respiration, boosts oxygen consumption by 282% and cellular growth by a 58% increase in fibroblasts. Stimulates the skin's defense mechanisms and provides protection against UVA and UVB radiation. Enzymatic detoxication activity of hydrogen peroxide. A source of essential nutrients, the cream provides deep-down action to fight against the aging process by stimulating the synthesis of elastin and collagen. Boasting soothing and desensitizing benefits, it is particularly recommended for sensitive and fragile skin. Average 110% increase in the skin's consumption of oxygen. Reinforces cutaneous vitality, procuring natural fatigue eliminating benefits Le Concentré Réparateur Concentrated repairer Properties Provides genuine cellular repair in aging, demineralized, dehydrated skin, marked by wrinkles, small lines and slackening tissue. Protects catalase and epidermal enzymes. Naturally rebuilds the matrix in conjunctive tissue by improving fibroblast activity. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen I by 117%, collagen IV by 327% and the production of glycosaminoglycans by 267%. Regeneration, nutrition, cellular stimulation, hydration. Anti-inflammatory, healing, calming, anti-allergic and anti-free radical action. Stimulates cellular respiration by 131%. Stimulates cellular proliferation.