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Gernetic Immuno Restructuring Face Mask 6.4 Oz / 150 ml

$ 87.17

GERne'tic IMMUNO Restructuring face mask 6.4 oz . Regenerates the basal cells of the skin. Will re-establish and improve the pH of the skin. Has a deep cleansing, toning and revitalizing effect that treats aging skin, acne and stretch marks. Best results when mixed with SYNCHRO Cream.

Immuno has an immunomodulatory and regenerating effect, activates metabolic processes. Immunomodulating and regenerating cream-mask. It is used to stimulate metabolic processes in the skin and restore its regeneration and local immunity. The drug is used for complex skin care of the face and neck, for rejuvenation, acne treatment at various stages.

Contains a biochemical matrix of healthy skin cells, thymus and aorta, obtained by biotechnology from plants and algae. Due to this, it has an immunomodulatory and regenerating effect, activates metabolic processes, normalizes skin pH, and has a pronounced anti-staphylococcal activity. Kaolin in the composition of Immuno regulates and supports the natural water-salt balance, saturates the skin with trace elements, prevents the formation of wrinkles, narrows the pores, and stimulates the elimination of toxins.

Application method:

As a mask, it is used 1-2 times a week.

In combination with Synchro, it is used as a nourishing cream, 2 times a day.

To do this, mix both products in a ratio of 1/1, just before applying (for dry skin Synchro/Immuno - 2/1, for oily skin Synchro/Immuno - 1/2).