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Colorphlex Pro Individual Single Use Kit Step No 1 & 2

$ 7.79

The ColorpHlex Individual Use Pack Contains:

Step 1: Color Strengthening Additive 5 ml
Step 2: After Color Strengthening Finish 10 ml

colorpHlex™ protects and strengthens hair during the color and bleach process, reducing damage and breakage.

colorpHlex™ improves the strength and quality of the hair from the inside out. Scientifically formulated, colorpHlex™ uses a naturally derived vegetable protein molecule that penetrates the hair, reinforcing bonds during the color and bleach process. Clinical trials show that a small amount of colorpHlex™ added to hair color or bleach makes hair up to 4X stronger, significantly reducing breakage, retuning hair to its natural healthy state. We recommend colorpHlex™ home care products for home use to extend salon results.