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Cocochoco Keratin Original, Pure and Gold 33.8 oz - 1 of Each

$ 284.15

*COCOCHOCO Keratin ORIGINAL contains cocoa extractsAter the Keratin Treatment hair remains straightglossy and gentle to touch for 2-3 months. Straighten hair without changing structure. The treatment can be applied to all types of hair. Results are immediately visible after the Keratin Treatment is completed, hair looks healthy and youthfulIt protects hair from adverse external influences: moistwarm, salt waterfrostrainSmooth hair in every weather!

*COCOCHOCO Gold Hair Treatment is a premium hair treatment whose advanced, keratin-based  process will give your hair a smooth, straight, and glossy look. .

*COCOCHOCO Pure is a special edition, specially designed for bright hair.

*This listing is for 1 Cocochoco Keratin Original 33.8 oz, 1 Cocochoco Pure Keratin 33.8 oz & 1 Cocochoco Gold Keratin 33.8 oz -

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