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Bosley Professional Healthy Hair Follicle Energizer 1 Oz

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FOLLICLE ENERGIZER Treatment for Areas of Thinning and Low-Density Hair• Contains scalp activators that may help raise follicle energy levels.• Pentapeptides help stimulate production of root-strengthening Keratin Protein.• Apple Stem Cell Extract may support healthy hair follicles.• Biotinyl-GHK helps protect and repair hair follicles.• Algae extract helps reduce D.H.I (a primary cause of thinning hair and hair loss).• Wheat amino acids nourish and strengthen.
Protects and repairs while helping to support healthy hair function in areas of low density such as the hairline or areas where mechanical damage (breakage) has occurred to hair. Apply one or two drops to finger tips, massage into damaged areas and leave on scalp. May be used up to two times a day with or with out shampooing first. 

*May cause temporary redness.