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Arganesse Premier Argan Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment 3.4 oz Intensive Repair

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Arganesse is fitness for your hair. Because healthy hair is beautiful! We have transformed argan oil – known as “liquid gold” – into a revolutionary hair treatment. For centuries, this highly-prized, rare Moroccan oil has been used to protect hair from harsh desert conditions. High in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, argan oil alone naturally hydrates for silky, shiny, frizz-free hair. It also leaves hair a bit greasy so we set out to create a formula that would eliminate oiliness while retaining argan oil’s restorative properties. Thick or thin, curly or straight, coarse or fine, Arganesse enhances the natural beauty of hair unlike any other product. Cyclopentasiloxane (CPS) and Dimethicone are two kinds of silicone present in Arganesse. In general, silicones lubricate, waterproof and provide shine. Some types are very heavy and sticky, others are very lightweight. CPS is water-thin and very good at dispersing thicker, greasier silicones. For this reason, it’s often used with dimethicone. It’s also volatile, which means it will evaporate and won’t leave hair feeling weighed down. The fact is, hair treatment without silicone will be oily. Arganesse contains just a small amount of CPS and dimethicone to give your hair that healthy bounce and shine minus the greasy look and feel. Shiny hair is healthy, greasy hair is not. You regularly workout for your body, why not for your hair? Arganesse in a 3.4 oz bottle lasts a very long time even when used everyday. For your daily hair workout, just rub a few drops of oil over your palms and then comb your fingers over your hair. Each bottle of Arganesse represents health and beauty not only for every man and woman who uses it, but also for the wonderful people who make it, and for the global community that benefits from it.