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Alfaparf Lisse Design Express Smoothing Treatment Kit

$ 28.37

Smoothing treatment kit formandehyde free. Perfectly Smooth, completely safe. Kit includes: - Deep Cleansing Shampoo 40 ml / 1.35 Fl.Oz - Smoothing Fluid Mousse Maker 100 ml / 3.38 Fl.Oz - Rehydrating Mask 40 g / 1.41 Fl.Oz

HOW TO USE Step A: Aply Deep Cleansing Shampoo on damp hair, massage to obtain a smooth foam on whole hair and rinse. Repeat for the second time and proceed with dryng with an hairdryer. Step B: Shake Smoothing Fluid Mousse Maker well before use. Divide the hair into 4 parts. Put on a pair of gloves. Take 1 inch (2 cm) sections. Starting from 1/4 inch away from scalp, apply plentiful amount of mousse. Do not apply to he scalp. Spread Mousse through lengths and ends with hands. Do not comb through, leave hair very wet. Cover hair with a plastic cap and leave in for 20 minutes under heat. Remove plastic cap and leave in for 5 minutes at room-temperature. Rinse the product for 15 seconds in case of short hair and 30 seconds in case of long hair. Step C: Apply Rehydrating Mask on damp hair, leave in for 5 minutes and rinse. Dry with an hairdryer. Step D: Begin flat-ironing according to the table below. Take partings of a maximum of 1/4 inch (0,5 cm). - Coarse, resistant or virgin hair: 200°C - 210°C with Pass Iron: 8-10 Times. - Normal hair: 190°C - 200°C with Pass Iron: 6-8 Times. - Color treated hair: 170°C - 180°C with Pass Iron: 6-8 Times. - Fine or damaged hair: 160°C - 170°C with Pass Iron: 7-9 Times. Why is the Detangling Cream missing? In the Express Method it is no longer necessary to apply a detangling product because the hair is already extremely nourished and conditioned after the application of the mask. Caution: wear gloves. Don't aplly on irritaded or damaged scalp. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contacts with eyes.