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Mevys Leave-in Reconstructor, 8 oz.

$ 17.59 $ 29.95

One of our favorites. Mevys star enriched with aloe vera and vitamin b5 for absolute control of frizz. Ideal for moisturizing the hair, helps with styling and overall hair protection. Great detangler aid that conditions and increases hair shine. Ideal to use before drying and or heat tools. Ingredients: Sunflower extract: Protection against UVA / UV rays. Stimulates growth thanks to vitamin E. Due to its copper content, it helps to maintain color in the hair, delaying the appearance of gray hairs. Prevents dryness and frizz, making hair easier to control. Green tea: Prevents hair loss. Strengthens and conditions the hair strand thanks to Vitamin C, E and panthenol. It keeps the scalp in general in good condition. Silk:Rebuild the hair fiber. Leave the hair healthy and shiny. Silk creates a layer on the strand preventing moisture from entering the hair, fighting frizz. Features: Repairs damage hair. Detangler. Heath protector. UV/UVA rays protector. How to use: Spray on towel dry hair. Comb through. Let dry natural o style with blow-dryer.