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Color Wow Dream Filter Pre-shampoo Mineral Remover for Picture Perfect Color 1.7 oz

$ 8.43

Colorwow Dream Filter's easy spray application works in just 1-3 minutes, without heat, to:

  • Extract metals that interfere with hair color processing


  • Filter out color-distorting elements found in city and well water


  • Remove film-forming minerals that dull, darken and stain color


  • Applied prior to shampooing, a break through blend of supercharged filtering agents works like a magnet to gently extract elements that chemically interact with hair color.


  • Safe and effective for even highly-lifted (super fragile) pale shades of blonde, grey, ash, and white.


  • See a remarkable difference in color richness, clarity and vibrancy with every use! Highlights are heightened dimensions are deepened, tones look fresher!


Ideal for all hair types, colors, and shades!